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April 2019 Outlook.com compromised!
Microsoft indicated that it was a limited number of Outllook.com accounts.
Can you be forced to give access to your cell phone by police
Biometrics vs Password or Passcode? Allowing law enforcement access to your cell phone or being compelled to do so. The controversy in the courts is an interesting story.One of the more interesting parts is the difference between passcode usage and biometrics. You may want to think twice about not using a passcode. Take a read […]
Holiday shuffle did you accidently make data go away?
Data Recovery Looking for a tool to try to recover lost data (accidentally deleted)? This tool may be just the thing you need. There are many tools out there to choose from.  This tool came as a suggestion from a long time client. He said he was able to recover lost data from a drive […]
2018 Black Friday begins – Sams Club 1st stop
On now – shop the Samsung Early Access Event at Sam’s Club and get over $3,000 in savings!  
3-D printing goes to the military
3D barracks printed in 40 hours...
Drive Saver Reseller
E2 Computers has added Drive Savers as one of our partner companies for Data Recovery
Urban mining are you familiar with it?
South Korean mining utilizes 60% to 70% of its recycling sourced from the USA...
Facebook lack of privacy
What do you think? Is the government, county records, loan companies etc just as guilty of panhandling our personal information?
What does Ronald Regan have to do with security breaches?
Phishing attacks on Gmail sending users to a Ronald Regan website....
70 Inch TV sales
70 Inch tv sale.